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online booking solution for car rental services & vehicle sellers.
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Complete portal solution for B2C business

CarBooker is a web based CRM/CMS solution providing complete management of car fleet, pricing strategy, orders, reservations, customers and reporting tools .

Order processing & customer support

Intuitive administration & order processing tools. Create invoice or contract with a single click, send confirmation email or SMS to a client, or adjust order parameters.

Configurable theming & user interface

Flexible per block configurable & responsive page layout. Up to 10 color themes already contained in basic installation. Integrated CMS with blogging platform.

Pricing strategy & branding

Set your preferred way of calculating rent price, define VAT tariffs, or create localized invoice. Insert your company logo into emails, on the web, into generated files or reports.


CarBooker support unlimited number of translations for frontend CMS pages, administration as well as built-in static templates - such as invoice or contract.

SEO optimization

CarBooker generates content optimized for web crawlers. Both vehicles as well as CMS pages allow for setting SEO parameters to achieve optimal ranking results.

Technical support

We offer prioritized technical support, consultancy services and training. We will adjust functionalities to your requirements or develop new modules to fit your needs.

Transparent licensing model

Low cost annual licensing model with a long-term client care as well as guaranteed support for application and environment security upgrades (SaaS).

Modular & pragmatic

CarBooker is an extensible module based solution. Install only those modules you really need. Enjoy user friendly intuitive interface with pragmatically designed tools.

In a standard configuration CarBooker offers price friendly licensing model (SaaS) model with guaranteed support for security upgrades. We believe, that a quality software may also be available to companies & individuals, which otherwise could not cover high development costs.

CarBooker Team

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What is CarBooker

Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.