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Pricing & Order

The price of CarBooker installation of depends on the number of cars, license type, licensed period and application configuration. Upon renewal, the license fee is discounted up to 50%.

Annual costs 0 €.
The price for the license in subsequent periods will be 0 €.
We are not VAT payers.
Core installation
User interface - frontend pages
Pre-configured functionalities for regular site visitors - e.g. car lookup, vehicle parameters and photo gallery, placing an order or request for quotation. It includes responsive design, localization into selected languages (English), color variations and customizable layout.
Vehicle management
It allows to create and edit vehicles, photo gallery, set car parameters and URL link, SEO settings, localization, the amount of deposit and seasonal discount.
Category management
Allows to create and group vehicles into categories. Built-in support for localization, URL link and SEO settings.
Accessory management
It allows to create additional products (accessories) with individually set prices and VAT rates. For example, a child seat or transport to the airport.
Customer management
Automatic creation of a new customer, setting up profile and invoice details, VIP discounts, history of orders and communication.
Order processing
Order confirmation or rejection, adjustment of parameters & price recalculation, invoice or contract generation, event history.
Payment overview
List of received payments, search by various filters, creating and editing payment, exports. Also includes processing the payment after return from payment gateway.
Performance overview
Quick portal performance overview during recent period - e.g. received orders, next rentals, portal health status.
Event calendar
Serves for quick orientation in orders and organizational activities. It allows filtering by selected period, branch, employee and export to a PDF file.
Access for administrators, customer support and partners
Allows setting the access permission level for backend administration.
Modules 0
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Customizable template, localization into unlimited languages, automatic calculation of prices and VAT, output to PDF.
Customizable template, localization into unlimited languages, output to PDF.
Interface for connecting with external services - e.g. accepting new order from a partner website or exporting orders.
Paypal - payment gateway
Accept payments via Paypal - free virtual wallet, VISA and MasterCard.
Trustpay - payment gateway
Accept payments via Trustpay - multi-payment gateway. Credit cards VISA, MasterCard and internet banking of 4 major Slovak banks.
Gopay - payment gateway
Accep payments via GoPay - multi-payment gateway. Credit cards VISA, MasterCard and internet banking of 5 major Slovak banks.
SMS notifications
SMS notifications to confirm received order or to reminder about rent start - end.
Enables in-depth performance analysis. Find out how much which vehicle earned, which customer placed the most orders, or which office was the most successful in the past six months.
Insurance cases
Management of insurance cases, e.g. car accidents. Details of the culprit driver, damaged vehicle, repair service, etc.
Electronic signature
Electronic (digital) signing of documents - e.g. rental contract. Necessary to ensure the legality of the client's signature, if there is no possibility of a handwritten signature.
Workflow documents
Module for creating specific documents - e.g. insurance contracts, documents for car repair shops, partnership agreements, etc.
Additional services
First installation and environment setup (annual license)
domain setup, application installation, email server, SSL certificate
free 4 hours 1)
for standard configuration
Technical support (anunal license)
application updates, email and telephone consultation
free 4 hours 1)
Technical support - standard
prioritized support, technical support beyond free contractual scope
15 Eur / hour
Custom programming
module development, UX design, code modifications according to requirements
20 Eur / hour
Training - upon request
charged is every started hour, does not include travel & allowance costs
50 Eur / hour

1) cumulative, i.e. installation time and support max. 4 hours per year

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What is CarBooker

Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.