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Common features for user interface - frontend

Localization, translations
All pages can be translated into any language. Translation is provided by the site owner.
Color themes
The basic installation supports 8 colour variants. Theme can be changed in administration settings.
Configurable page layout
Pages for car lookup, car details and car order support a configurable layout (customizable look and feel). Pages consist of content blocks which can be freely combined.
Content blocks
A content block may support variety of display modes - e.g. vehicle properties can be displayed either as vertical texts or as horizontal icon table.
Customizable and localizable both "Business Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" (GDPR)
The site owner can set his own business terms and conditions, which are available on the website (in HTML format) and can be also attached to email sent to a user (as PDF file). Of course, the Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy can be translated into any language.
SEO optimization
This category includes a set of rules that will ensure accessibility of links on the web for search engines. These are e.g. localized car URL links, properly set SEO meta tags, Google Analytics (GA) or Google Tag Manager (GTM) tracking codes, automatic sitemap generation via administration (sitemap.xml), etc.

Fig. 1 - Color themes in basic installation

Configurable page layout and UX design

Developing user-friendly design for frontend pages and implementing it is time consuming. It requires combining complex database outputs into a user-friendly visual form, which requires not only programming but also an intuitive user-friendly design.

CarBooker has chosen middle way - allowing sufficient flexibility at relatively low development and design costs. Each frontend page consists of pre-programmed blocks, which can be combined via Settings. User can choose the appearance of the page from currently available pre-programmed content blocks. For example, he can choose to have the menu layout on the left and the blog on the right, or vice versa. However, he cannot choose a blog in the middle - unless we programmatically prepare such a variant.

For most cases this approach is sufficient, but we can implement any page layout if required.

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Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.