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Module "Paypal - payment gateway"

Payment gateway is one of the most widely used in the world, reaching almost 200 million users. Signing up is free and in Slovakia it is used by approximately 10% of customers for online purchases.

The interface allows to accept payments via common credit cards MasterCard, VISA, Dinners, American Express, etc. or Paypal account funds. Paypal charges a percentage of the payment amount for the payment received, and the fee charged varies by territory - on average it ranges from from 0.5% to 2% of the amount received. After a successful payment, Paypal sends a confirmation email to both the paying and receiving user.

Payment process takes place without redirection to the Paypal gateway (so-called "inline payment"). The user pays directly on the site, where he can see his order in the background - therefore he can get greater confidence and the probability of completing the payment is higher.

Fig. 1 - Paypal payment - inline JS SDK, sample data (click to enlarge)

Merchant account

Paypal provides a number of tools and methods for receiving or sending money via the Internet as well as support tools (statistical reports, exports, refunds, ...). User interface as well as available functionalities change over time, but the goal has always been to make online payments available to the widest possible internet population while maintaining a high standard of account and transaction security.

Fig. 2 - Paypal - peek into merchant account (click to enlarge)

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