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Receiving payment for the order is the last and most important step in the frontend workflow process. Intuitive user interface and proper payment options can significantly increase order conversion and succesfull payments.

The customer can pay the order immediately after receiving the confirmation email. By hitting the "Pay" button in the email, customer will be redirected to a dedicated page where he can:

  • check order details - selected car, pick-up and return date, contacts etc.
  • update invoice details - eg. change company address, contact phone.
  • download invoice as PDF
  • pay - by choosing from available payment methods
Multi-payment gateways
The payment options may vary, since the site owner will decide what kind of payments he will accept. CarBooker supports couple of multi payment gateways - such as Paypal alebo Trustpay . It is also possible to allow direct payments to company account via bank wire transfer if the account (IBAN) is filled in under Settings . On request, we can implement almost any payment gateway as a separate module.

Fig. 1 - Processing payment, payment options may vary - click to enlarge

For security reasons, downloading the invoice as well as change of billing information is restricted to a maximum of two weeks from payment date. After that the customer's billing details will stop showing up and only car details will appear.

Payment processing

Customer can pay for the order by selecting from available payment options - e.g. by credit card, via internet banking, etc. Once method selected, he can also be redirected outside the portal, e.g. to selected bank's website, which will redirect him back to CarBooker site after payment completed.

Once payment completed a result message will show up - either a successful one, or failed with error description. Information about received payment is automatically sent to administrator's email and recorded into the order changelog.

Fig. 2 - Payment succesfully received

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