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CarBooker supports searching for available vehicles in common ways:

  • by rental date from - to
  • by category - e.g. SUV, economy class, trucks ..
  • by office address
  • via the car properties - such as make, fuel type, MP3 player, air conditioning ..
  • by keyword (fulltext)

Fig. 1 - Options for advanced car lookup

How search works in the background

Intelligent logic
The search will automatically exclude vehicles that are already booked by another customer or marked as unavailable by administrators for required period (e.g. technical service). Thus, for customer support, duplicate verification of car availability and resolving of unpleasant situations with the customer are almost eliminated.
Sorting of found cars
Matching cars may be sorted by price, name, category, seasonal discount etc.
Vehicles can have texts and parameters localized for any language. Translations are provided by site owner.
Parametrized external URL links
External links or partner portals can link to a car lookup page through URL parameters and increase conversion efficiency. Basic parameters are supported, e.g. start of rental, office or car category.

Administration - adjustable layout

A special CMS system was developed for CarBooker, which allows to combine parts of the page (content blocks) into consistent layout. Therefore, each page can have specific layout of blocks while any of those blocks can be displayed in several variations.

For example, it may be more appropriate for a large number of vehicles to display search results more concise and therefore clearer list. On the other hand, for fewer vehicles it may be more appropriate to display more detailed information about each vehicle. Administrator can simply choose required variant in application Settings.

Fig. 2 - Example of adjustable layout - click to enlarge

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What is CarBooker

Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.