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online booking solution for car rental services & vehicle sellers.
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User interface - frontend pages

User interface / frontend / - is a publicly accessible part of the application for car lookup, order submission and which also determines page position in search engines (SEO ranking). The public part of the application is characterised by some specific visual and technical features, in particular:

  • page load speed - should load by circa 1 second. The longer load time, the more visitors leaves
  • responsivity - ie. display information properly on a large screen as well as on small device (tablet, mobile phone)
  • graphical impression - a modern web page with CSS3 effects is more attractive and better memorable
  • functionality and user friendliness - user gets tired e.g. by entering values repeatedly or click too many times to find what he is looking for. Quite often overlooked or underestimated aspect of web sites due to difficulties with measuring results and costy implementation.
  • SEO optimization - frontend pages determine ranking position in search engines e.g. by how URL links to cars (products) are constructed, quality of meta tags or sitemap. It's a complex set of factors which in the end determines the number of site visits and thus commercial success of the project.
CarBooker was created with the goal to satisfy all requirements for fast and modern website with complete order administration.

Fig. 1 - Frontend, landing page

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What is CarBooker

Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.