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CarBooker Demo - Privacy protection

Conditions stated on this page apply only to a privacy protection of the CarBooker DEMO site. They do NOT apply to individual client installations provided upon a License Contract. The portal and/or license owner is solely responsible for proper privacy protection of his users in accordance with his business and marketing strategy.
Data storage

Portal "Demo CarBooker" (hereinafter referred to as the "Portal") considers the protection of user information and user privacy to be of paramount importance. The site owner ensures portal operates in full compliance with Act No. 18/2018 Z.z.  on Privacy Protection.

Data collection

The site collect only the following data necessary for it's operation:

  • customer details - required for License Contract,
  • email for granting the access into DEMO application.
  • site operator is not responsible for the data entered into the Demo application by the authorised candidate during the familiarisation with the application. Such data is periodically removed and replaced with sample demo data.
Cookies files

Portal does not collect or store any data in browser cookies, nor does it use them to obtain any information about users. For technical functionality, only the session identifier (session ID) is utilized. It automatically expires either after short time of user inactivity (20 minutes) or browser is closed.

Providing data to third parties

The portal does not provide any user data to third parties and handles the data in accordance with applicable law. Site owner also ensures the protection and security of the database containing the data in accordance with Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Privacy Protection.

Anonymous statistical processing

For the purposes of anonymous statistical processing, the site may provide third parties with information on traffic, visitor numbers, etc., on the basis of which it is not possible to identify any specific user.

Custom installations

All of the above principles also apply to the standard installation of CarBooker under the License Agreement. However, deviations or changes may occur in some cases, such as code modifications requested by a particular portal owner. In such a case, the operator of the portal is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act (GDPR).

These terms and conditions take effect on 01.10.2021

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