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General terms and conditions

Terms definition
Application: Software product "CarBooker - order processing system for car rental services and vehicle dealers".
Provider: John Doe, Somestreet 123, 851 99 Bratislava, Company ID 40 123 456.
Customer: A party interested in the Application installation.
Interested party: A web site visitor interested in accessing backend DEMO application via authorized access.

Access to DEMO application

The Provider allows visitors to access restricted parts of the Demo CarBooker application.This requires the activation of a user account, which is linked to a valid email address and allows the user to be identified if necessary.The Provider does not collect or request any additional data, nor he does disclose collected data to third parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy .

In case of interest user is granted with access credentials to the administration.He can familiarize himself with the backend administration, change data or create records, if the Application permits it.The Provider is not responsible for the data entered into the Application by the Interested party during familiarization with the Demo Application.The data will be regularly removed and replaced with sample test data.

Order and price

A client will place the installation request of CarBooker via filling and submitting the order form.The order contains requested configuration of the environment, including Application modules and estimated license fee.The Provider may require additional technical details to the order or adjust the price according to the Customer's requirements.

The price for the installation is included in a license fee.The total license fee depends on selected license type and the specific application configuration.Please find price calculator for license fees at Pricing .


Payment for the CarBooker installation shall be made by the client once he receives the invoice issued by the Provider.It contains items as agreed in the particular License Agreement as well as VAT in accordance with the applicable regulations.The License enters into force by crediting the payment to the Provider's account.The Provider reserves the right to commence the installation of the Application and related services upon having received license fee in full on his account.


The License is provided separately per installation and per customer.The terms of the License Agreement may differ from each other according to the specific requirements of the Customer and the configuration of the environment.

CarBooker is distributed under one of two license types - either annual or perpetual.Licenses differ in the scope of granted rights in accordance with the Copyright Act. Please check out License sample texts at License .

Technical support

Provider provides technical support under the License Agreement or under separate contract (SLA) with the customer.Contacts for technical support can be found either directly in Licensing contract, or at official CarBooker site.

These terms and conditions take effect on 01.10.2021.

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Professional order processing & booking system for car rental services and vehicle dealers.