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Module Invoices

The "Invoices" module allows to create an invoice for the order in suported format (PDF, HTML).

The invoice is created from localized & editable HTML template and then converted into desired output format.

Localized templates
Allows creating language specific variant - for example, an invoice for the English version may require fewer fileds than the Slovak version. If the language variant does not have its own template defined, the primary language template (SK) will be used.
Editable items and fields
An administrator may adjust invoice layout - such as add or remove field. Templates can be edited in Settings . On request, we can create almost any specific invoice appearance.
QR codes - Pay By Square
A QR code image with encrypted information for quick payment is automatically inserted into the invoice. QR code will not be generated if missing any required information - e.g. variable symbol or recipient's IBAN or amount due is zero. Recipient's IBAN is retrieved from the company's billing information. Old (slovak) bank account format will be automatically converted to IBAN.

Fig. 1 - Button to generate an invoice when processing an order

Invoice creation

The invoice is created during order processing  on the tab "Order status" via the button "Generate invoice" and consists of two steps:

1. Loading layout and updating editable fields
In this step, all known client data and reserved car will be set and billed items including VAT will be generated. An administrator may update any invoice field or invoice item.

Fig. 2 - Template editor - update fields and items in the invoice (click to enlarge)

2. Creating the file (PDF)
Clicking the "Save Invoice" button will generate invoice file (PDF) and store it with the order. The generated invoice can be edited at any time - e.g. if the price of the order changes. The invoice can also be deleted, downloaded or attached into email and sent to the customer.

Fig. 3 - Invoice stored along with the order files.

The "Invoices" module is not required for portal functionality. For example, if a site owner uses a third-party accounting application to create invoices, he can simply upload an invoice to the order as a regular PDF file, or he does not have to upload it at all.

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